About Us

Vision and Values

Our mission is to strengthen our customers’ competitiveness by delivering high quality printed circuit boards in a short time at an affordable price. At the same time, we are dedicated to being in dialogue with our costumers and providing a good and professional service (always with a smile).

We want to be the preferred PCB supplier in the Scandinavian market.

At Elprint, we share a common desire for an overall healthy and good business ethic.

We believe that a high level integrity is crucial to maintaining the trust and credibility in our relationships with our customers, partners, employees, co-owners and society.

Our business ethics emphasize both our shared responsibility, as well our individual responsibility to the above parties, especially in these areas:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • To handle confidential information about our customers and merchants with utmost care
  • Protect our assets and use them wisely
  • Have a mutual respect for one another
  • Have and spread a pleasant work atmosphere
  • Professional and respectful handling of any discrepancies
  • Presentation of accurate and easy-to-understand accounts according to deadlines
  • Consideration of the environment and working conditions
  • Trustworthy, open and honest communication

All of us at Elprint highly prioritize creating a healthy and transparent working and operating environment.


Cautious start

Elprint was founded by engineer Helge K. Nilsen in 1973 in his hometown of Bergen, Norway. As a young and newly educated engineer, Helge experimented with making prototype PCBs at home in his basement. Rumors spread quickly in his network and slowly but surely he had established a customer base. With that the foundation stone was laid.

Elprint manufactured PCBs in small and medium-sized quantities from its establishment, growing from a small basement factory to becoming one of the most advanced PCB factories in the Nordic region.

Expansion in the Nordic countries

Eventually Elprint ApS was established in Denmark in 1992 as well as several sales offices, in Sweden in 1996, Oslo branch in 1998, Finland in 2003, Germany in 2009, and now with our own employees in Shenzhen China

Market conditions led to the closure of the Elprint factory in Norway in 2008. Since that time, Elprint has partnered with quality manufacturers in Asia and Europe to supply PCBs and related products to customers in Scandinavia and throughout the world.

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