Macaos Enterprise

(Multi-Artwork Conversion And Ordering System)

Parallel with Elprint’s development as a PCB supplier, we have been working systematically since 1998 to develop our own software system, Macaos Enterprise. This free software is designed to streamline the PCB acquisition process from order placement through manufacture to delivery.

This process ensures that all necessary data is in place and fully specified, which greatly reduces the chance of production errors or misunderstandings. In addition, as an only system you have 24-7 access to prices, order placement, shipment tracking and product/order history.

The Macaos System sets Elprint apart from other PCB suppliers. We give our customers access to a wealth of data as well as insight in the supply chain process.

Macaos Enterprise gives you cloud-based access to your products and orders whenever and wherever you need it, so you can:

  • Get prices and place orders at your convenience
  • Create and control PCB, stencil and accessory products
  • Quickly and easily panelize according to your own or your EMS provider’s specifications
  • Create and order stencils with user-defined or standard stencil frames
  • Download solder-paste stencil data for panelized PCBs
  • Download and print documentation for each layer
  • Review/correct assembly data (BOM, PnP) for your PCBs/li>
  • Share your products with your partners and/or EMS providers
  • Reorder any product
  • View your products and order history
  • Organize products in folders for different clients/projects
  • Track your shipment with track and trace
  • See the manufacturer’s documentation for each order

How it works

User guides

We have created a number of videos to help you get started with Macaos Enterprise. You will find them here:


You can order our free software program, Macaos Enterprise, by contacting us or ordering through the Macaos website:

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