Mechanical parts

It is now possible to purchase mechanical parts through Macaos Enterprise. You can import data from STL files and view your Mechanical Part products in the Macaos 3D viewer as well get online price quotations – just like how you would use Macaos Enterprise to view and purchase PCBs.

We can offer a variety of mechanical parts:

SLA 3D print with Sonos liquid photopolymer materials

SLA (stereolithography) makes 3D plastic parts using a completely different principle than common 3D printers. SLA uses laser to cure a photosensitive fluid. This gives a superior precision compared to ordinary printers. In addition, a photopolymer materials are stronger than typical 3D printer plastics. We have several photopolymer materials available.

The data sheets can be found here:

3D silicone molding for small series

Silicone molds are a popular and fast method for producing smaller series of 3D mechanical parts. You can make parts with complex shapes, smooth surfaces and good dimensional stability. Silicone molding is typically suitable for series of 3-50 pieces.

Available materials: ABS, Nylon, Acrylic, PC, POM, PP etc. Hardness from 30A to 90A.

Other mechanical parts

We can supply most of your mechanical part needs. Contact us for more info.

– Prototypes and series production of EPDM.

– Quick delivery of CNC manufactured parts in ABS, PC, PP, POM, Nylon, Bakelite, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Zinc alloy, Copper.

– Molds and volume production of plastic and metal parts.

Det kan velges mellom ABS, Nylon, Acryl, PC, POM, PP etc. Hardhet fra 30A til 90A.

3D silikonform for små serier

Silikonformer er en populær og rask metode for å fremstille mindre serier av 3D plast deler. Man kan lage deler med komplekse former, glatte overflater og god dimensjonell stabilitet. Deler laget i silikonformer er normalt for mindre serier på 3-50 stk.

Det kan velges mellom ABS, Nylon, Acryl, PC, POM, PP etc. Hardhet fra 30A til 90A.

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