Depanelization of assembled panels

No more stressed and broken circuit boards! Once your panels have been assembled, the individual board need to be separated from the panel – they need to be depanelized. This is often done by breaking or cutting the individual PCBs from the panel frame. However, cutting or breaking can bend the PCB surface and damage the solder joints, especially with fine-pitch components.

That’s why Elprint and Macaos have developed a perfect solution:

Milling program and fixture specifically designed for each panel

The Macaos Enterprise Depanelization Module allows you to quickly generate a milling program and depanelization fixture for your specific panel product. You will need to specify the location of suction cups and guide pins which hold the boards in place during milling. Then a 3D model of the fixture is automatically generated, which fits the panel perfectly. The fixture has a cavity with an outlet for a vacuum hose for the suction cups.

In most cases, the Depanelization Module will automatically locate all break-off tabs. (If not, you can easily specify them manually.) You can then generate a CNC file for use in your milling machine. Milling machines can be purchased in Macaos Enterprise where you can also see the selection of machines.

Depanelization in seven easy steps:

  1. Create a panel in Macaos Enterprise
  2. Create a depanelization fixture and generate a milling program in Macaos Enterprise
  3. Attach the depanelization fixture to the milling machine
  4. Position the panel to be milled out. Start the vacuum pump and run the milling program.
  5. The milling machine runs.
  6. All break-off tabs are milled away and the boards are separated from the panel without any mechanical stress to the components.
  7. Remove the boards and frame the fixture

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