An early understanding of a future price range is important when designing PCBs and planning a manufacturing project. Minor change to a design might have a substantial impact on the price.

Elprint support our customer base in the whole process of a PCB design - from project initiation to design and finnaly manufacturing.
As price often is a key element in any project Elprint has developed Macaos, an Internet based application that simplifies your price and quotation process dramatically.
There are several ways to use Macaos:

Price indication
Type the basic design parameters into Macaos and you will get a price indication within seconds.

Accurate price quotation
Upload your Gerber file into Macaos and Macaos will do the rest - within seconds!

Price iteration
Change design parameters, delivery times and volumes to optimize your design in relation to your needs and demands. Macaos will respond in seconds, offering you the highest level of flexibility and pricing support.

To download Macaos, please visit