All order and job files should be sent to Elprint in Macaos format. Macaos is a program which packs your Gerber, drill and other files into a compressed archive file for transmission to Elprint via email. Macaos checks that all necessary information is included with your order - thereby reducing the risk for production errors and delays.

In order to smoothly your job file into Macaos, you should generate them with the following parameters:

  • a Gerber / Extended Gerber file for each layer (copper, solder mask, silk screen, paste mask etc.)
  • a Gerber / Extended Gerber file with only the board contour and any cut outs (the board contour should not be included in the other Gerber files)
  • an Excellon drill file for each hole type (plated, unplated, blind, buried etc.)
  • 2.4 INCH Gerber file format
  • leading zero suppression
  • aperture file(s) (if not using Extended Gerber)
  • drill diameter list included in each drill file
  • all files compressed in a .zip file

For additional information, please visit Macaos.

The following documents are made available:

Plasmaetsing (Norwegian)

Lead Free Solderability
Polyclad Std FR4 226-240 Laminate
Polyclad High Tg FR 370HR

Rogers High Frequency RO4000 series
Rogers RO4000 Lead Free FAQ


White Papers
Lead Free Solderability Preservative