The requirements and considerations for the design of printed circuit boards based on manufacturing capabilities are many and complex.

With a production history spanning over more than 30 years Elprint has a well established and well proven design rules set that maximizes the production processes - and minimizes your cost. The design rule set is established with relation to market requirements from design, production, assembly as well as product performance.

Elprint is continuously developing our processes and capabilities. For further detail please contact your local sales offices.

Design rules

mm mil mm mil
Trace with 0.15 6 0.10 4
Clearance 0.15 6 0.10 4
Annular ring 0.5 20 0.30 12
Solder mask ring 0.2 8 0.15 6
Via pad diameter 1.0 40 0.38 15
Hole diameter 0.5 20 0.15 6