Test jigs, fixtures and accessories

Test jigs

You can buy test jigs through us from our manufacturer in China. You order your test jig in Macaos Enterprise, and we offer a discount if you order it together with PCBs.

We have several different variants of test jigs so we definitely have one that suits your needs. Common to all of them is the simple principle that keeps prices very low. See the different types in Macaos Enterprise together with prices for each type.

For each test jig you can buy one or more test fixtures. The test fixture is the plate or box, depending on the type, where your receptacles and test pins are attached and connected to external or internal testing and/or programming electronics.

You can replace the test fixture on each type of our test jigs. But replacement is easiest with our Standard Test Jig V10, where the test fixture is a box of connectors built into the fixture.

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Test fixtures

You can easily design test fixtures for your test jigs in Macaos Enterprise. You create the fixture by simply clicking at the test points on the PCB.

Basics about test fixtures

Your test fixture is the plate (or box) itself with holes where your test pins are located. Each test fixture is unique to it’s PCB, but you can use the same test jig for multiple fixtures. You create your test fixture in Macaos Enterprise based on your data on the PCB. You can insert test points, alignment pins, support pins, etc. by clicking on pads or holes in the board.

You can create test fixtures for both the top and the bottom sides of the PCB. Ideally, all test points are on one side (the bottom) so that you only need to create a bottom fixture. Each test jig comes with a standard top fixture, where the position of the press pins can be adjusted. This standard top fixture will in many cases be sufficient. In cases where it is necessary to design a test fixture for the top, this is also supported.

Quick guide: Create a test fixture in Macaos Enterprise

  1. Tap the Test Fixture icon when you have selected the PCB to test
  2. Begin by selecting your alignment pins – holes of 2.5 to 5 mm diameter to support the board in the test fixture.
  3. Then select the test points themselves. What you actually choose is the size of your receptors. This size then indicates which test pin you can use. You can browse available test pins, cables, jigs, etc. in the «Catalog» tab. Test pins and receptors that belong together are grouped together in the list.
  4. After selecting bottom test points, you can go ahead and design the test fixture for the top.
  5. Accessories

We can supply a variety of test pins for the fixture. There are variants that are calculated with a minimum pin spacing from 1.27mm up to 5.0mm. For each size, there are several pin heads, which are selected according to how the contact point on the board is designed.

In addition, there are several variants of guide pins and support pins, press pins and cables. We have also put together an «Accessory Kit» which includes the most commonly used variants, at a reasonable price.

Specifications and drawings can be found in the Macaos Enterprise Test Accessories folder.

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